How do I get replacement parts or make a warranty claim?

You can order a replacement part or make a warranty claim by calling our Customer Service Department at 1-800-242-6110 or email us at  For us to complete your order, you will need the name and model number of your unit readily available.


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    Emily Brandt

    I need to order 2 replacement tires for our inStep Take 2 bike trailer, model number 12-QE127. Would prefer to take care of this all online. Please contact/order asap. Thanks.

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    David Butler

    I need a new rim for my Instep bike double trailer MO #12-QE212. I was pumping up the tire and the rim broke off. Would love to get in contact with you to replace this ASAP. Lesson learned is that if you go over 40 lbs of pressure on the tire it will break the plastic rim.

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